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Wilbert Plastic Services has provided heavy gauge thermoformed products since 1960. Our vast successful customer base has enjoyed our multiple process capabilities to improve their brands and the quality of their products for many years. Our engineering and manufacturing group provides vacuum, pressure, twin sheet, and lightweight reinforced products and assemblies, using a variety of different materials and components. We have two locations providing custom thermoforming products and assemblies that ship to customer locations throughout the world.

What Is Heavy Gauge Plastic Thermoforming?

The process of transforming a flat sheet of plastic into a three-dimensional functional form is called heavy gauge thermoforming (or heavy gauge plastic thermoforming). The plastic sheets are first heated; then, using either a vacuum press or pressure, they are formed into a mold so that they take the shape desired by the customer.

Heavy gauge thermoforming is excellent for large parts and permanent structural components, especially those that must withstand high levels of stress. The parts can be used either indoors or out, depending on customer specifications. Heavy gauge thermoforming can also be used when it is necessary to create multiple parts and not cost-effective to use injection molding.

Because this type of custom thermoforming is so flexible, it is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Heavy gauge plastic thermoforming can be used to create everything from totes and bins to pallets, truck components, fitness equipment, agricultural components, guards and bezels, housings, and more.

At Wilbert Plastic Services, we have a wide range of custom thermoforming capabilities. Learn more about what we can do for you below.

Our Custom Thermoforming Capabilities Include:

  • Single sheet thermoforming
  • Twin-sheet thermoforming
  • Heavy gauge thermoforming
  • Heavy gauge plastic thermoforming
  • Pressure forming
  • LWRT (lightweight reinforced thermoformed) products & materials
  • CNC Robotic trimming
  • Slip form smart material productivity
  • Multi-material and in form color or printed products
  • Thick sheet film forming

Thermoforming Services Available:

  • Major & minor value-added assembly
  • Serial traceability
  • Secondary assembly, bonding, inserting
  • CNC Robotic trimming for product assembly and fixturing
  • Varied product testing capabilities
  • Ultrasonic heat plate welding
  • Line sequencing
  • Customer assembly kitting

Wilbert Plastic Services is able to help you with heavy gauge plastic thermoforming, custom thermoforming, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our heavy gauge thermoforming!

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