Wilbert Plastic Services excels with a broad scope of complex assembly capability.

We integrate components from a global supply chain and assemble those into products for our customers, all while verifying quality and accuracy through automated systems. These assemblies are tested, kitted and delivered to locations all over the world.

Example: We mold, paint and assemble industrial doors, each one requiring more than 100 components. We produce 1200 different configurations, manage and paint more than 45 colors, with more than 10,000 options for assembly. Our teams meet complex 24-hour scheduling requirements, delivering the completed assemblies to customer-sequenced specifications for final assembly.

Example: Wilbert has invested in state-of-the-art automated vision and assembly technologies to ensure perfect assembly of large-scale thermoformed components for MRI enclosures. Operating within critical tolerance requirements, we process more than 900 components per assembly. Each finished part contains 25 assembled parts, which are then kitted, sequenced and shipped globally.

Assembly capabilities:

  • Complex assembly with multiple components
  • High-content high-volume mechanical and light electronic components
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Manual and robotic insert automation
  • Robotic seal and gasket application
  • Electronic wire harness
  • Hot stamp, pad print and labeling

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