Wilbert Plastic Services produces medium to large-sized heavy gauge thermoformed parts. Many of these parts are assembled into multiple high-volume, complex final assemblies.

We form and assemble single-sheet, twin-sheet and pressure-formed products for medical, automotive, agriculture, high-speed train, heavy truck, recreational and many industrial applications.

Heavy gauge thermoforming capabilities:

  • Single-sheet thermoforming
  • Twin-sheet thermoforming
  • Pressure forming
  • Post-secondary assembly, bonding, inserting
  • (LWRT) Light weight reinforced thermoforming
  • Robotic trimming
  • Multi-material and in-form color or printed products
  • Printed film forming
  • Material and serial traceability
  • In-house testing
  • Heat plate welding
  • Line sequencing
  • Kitting and Component assembly
  • Sonic welding
  • Low-pressure foam fill

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