The Many Benefits of Custom Plastic Injection Molding

Benefits of Custom Injection Molding, Expanded

1. Ability to Produce Multiple Highly Detailed/Complex Designs
Due to its exceptionally high pressure, injection molding has the ability to produce extremely detailed and complex geometric parts. This gives you the chance to mass-produce plastic products with large amounts of detail in the design. Otherwise, these intricate shapes would be too complicated and expensive to manufacture.

2. High Efficiency
If you’re working with an experienced team, the injection molding process can be completed in a timely manner. Once the mold is created, it takes very little time to manufacture what you need. This means you can mass-produce your items more efficiently than with other forms of manufacturing. Experienced manufactures also may have the capability to combine steps to reduce the time it takes to create your products while increasing efficiency.

3. Enhanced Strength
If you’re working in a field that requires durable and strong plastic parts, plastic injection molding can provide that. Today’s lightweight thermoplastics can withstand intense environments while still maintaining its original shape. You can choose between many engineering grade plastics to find exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Ability to Use Different Types of Plastic Simultaneously
Many complex design patterns require the use of different types of materials. Through the use of co-injection molding, it’s possible to combine different materials into one seamless design. Our experts can help ensure that the different materials you’d like are compatible to reduce the chance of defects.

5. Save on Costs
Plastic injection molding saves costs by utilizing automation—many parts of the process can be performed by machines—and by reducing the likelihood of errors occurring down the production line. Perfecting the mold beforehand and can help lower costs over time.

6. Expert Precision
The designs developed for these molds are extremely precise and can allow you to come up with more intricate and complex results than other methods.

7. Flexibility and Autonomy
Injection molding allows for you to choose between finishes, colors, plastic types, and various other design aspects. Increased autonomy means you have the ability to more accurately produce the end product you want.

8. Environmentally Friendly
Custom plastic injection molding is one of the most eco-friendly methods of mass production. The durable, high-quality results mean the finished product will last longer and reduce waste during the production process. In addition, depending on the materials used, if a defect does occur it can likely be melted down back to a raw material.

9. Reduced Labor Costs
Because a majority of the injection molding process can be performed by machines, this reduces the need to pay for labor costs. The main labor costs associated with this are for the operator and mold technician.