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Custom Plastic Injection Molding

The unmatched injection molding capabilities at Wilbert Plastic Services have made it possible to supply products that improve our customers brand and quality. For over 50 years, we have supplied important components and assemblies for more than 10 major industries with high-quality product expectations delivered on time every time.

We have 2 manufacturing facilities offering custom injection molding and heavy gauge thermoforming services located in important strategic manufacturing hubs in North America. For custom plastic injection molding, trust the experts at Wilbert Plastic Services. Contact our injection molding company today!


Injection molding part / Product improvement success:

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What is Plastic Injection Molding?

We create our products through plastic injection which is where we produce parts by injecting molten material within a mold. Both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials are used to inject the molds with. The plastic material is melted until its soft so it can be injected into the molds. This is a beneficial process because we can produce large numbers of parts in a timely manner. As a result, you will be provided with high-quality products due to the great accuracy of this process. We also provide custom injection molding which allows us to produce products according to your needs! We have a great team here at Wilbert Plastics that will produce great quality products.

Advantages of Using Plastic Injection Molding

High Efficiency

Once the mold has been created and the customer’s specifications met, the molding process itself is very quick.

Detailed and Complex Part Designs

Since injection molds can withstand high amounts of pressure, the plastic within this mold is pressed harder and more accurately into intricate designs than with other molding processes. Once the design is created, the molding process will go by just as quickly as with a basic design.

Enhanced Strength

Depending on the type of product being produced, the customer will need to inform the manufacturer of how flexible or rigid they’d like the outcome to be. Plastic injection molding allows for variations in durability and can be adjusted to fit your product needs.

Flexibility with Materials and Colors

Plastic injection molding allows for the use of many different types of plastic simultaneously. You also can choose between colors depending on what the desired outcome is. To determine which resin is best for your project, you must keep in mind elasticity, impact & tensile strength, heat deflection, and water absorption.


In the injection molding process, excess plastic is produced. We can melt this excess back down to reuse in another project to cut back on waste.

Decreased Labor Costs

The ability to produce parts at a high level and high output rate requires less labor. A majority of the process is computerized and manufactured in an assembly-like system. This can help reduce labor costs associated with plastic injection molding.

Our plastic injection molding & custom injection molding capabilities include:

  • Press ranges from 85Ton – 3500Ton
  • Insert molding
  • RJG scientific molding process capable
  • Multiple material / 2 Shot
  • Gas assist
  • Lightweight foam, bubbles, spheres
  • Lightweight Core Back injection molding
  • In-mold label molding
  • Long glass fiber molding
  • Structural foam molding
  • Low-pressure molding
  • In-mold film molding
  • In-mold cloth molding
  • Serial traceability
  • Barcode labeling
  • Hot stamp & multi-color pad printing
  • Hotplate, vibration, and Perma bond welding
  • Major & minor value-added assembly
  • Line sequencing
  • Robotic trim and assembly
  • Customer assembly kitting

Wilbert Plastic Services is proud to offer plastic injection molding throughout the United States. With our many custom injection molding plants around the country, we are able to complete any custom plastic injection molding project. To learn more about our capabilities, contact our injection molding company today!

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